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The Guide for Marathon Training for Beginners

Every year, there is a lot of marathon competitions that is being ran all over the world. Marathons are organized and coordinated either for sport or as a means to raise money for charity. With the running craze upon us, and the increase of running enthusiasts, a lot are eager to join this events, with some tournaments even have 10,000 registered participants. If you feel you should join in one of these tournaments, yet you are still a novice in running, here’s a quick overview on marathon training for beginners.

Marathon training for beginners should start with these important questions:  How long did you start running? Have you joined long distance competitions? How many times in a week do you run? What is the average miles or kilometers that you log?

The first thing to consider is the conditioning of the runners. The questions help you to think what type of training you should have. The right training is the equalizer whether you are an experience runner or just a novice, all it needs is the proper motivation to learn the fundamentals of marathon training for beginners.

You can set up a lot of goals and to-do list with the right motivation. Structuring a focused mental stamina is very important. Setting goals is often complex and difficult. If you only want to join marathon training because you want to lose weight, then might as well enroll to a fitness club rather than run a marathon. The roots of success come from the right goal and the right focus. The right mindset is to keep on training because completing the race is self-fulfillment.

You must have the appropriate running gear. It is important the runners have the right running shoes. The proper footwear must conform to the arches of your feet so you can be comfortable while running at the same time avoid unnecessary injuries.

For people who are interested in marathon training for beginners, you should be able to defy the desire to over train, keep track of all the training progress and schedule, and start with a few miles at a time. Hydration and nutrition are also key elements for successful training.

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