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Some Marathon Training Tips

Marathon training is gives both the psychological and physical attributes of a person all it can handle. Marathon training is having the self-discipline to undergo a rigorous training procedure, sticking to a healthy diet without cheating, and building the fortitude to finish an incredible feat. Marathon is not that daunting if you follow some of the marathon tips in this article.

The initial marathon training tip is to know what your capabilities and what you want to accomplish. You should judge your running abilities by asking how long have you been running, or have you been logging the number of miles that you run in a week. Marathon training is about logging the time and the miles that you run. During the course of training you should be running for 2 to 3 hours around six times. If you are a novice runner, then training begins six months before the race. This marathon training tip is about scheduling your runs on weekdays and weekends wherein you ran short distances during the week and double the amount during weekends. Just add a few more miles on the next weekends until you reach the distance of a full marathon.

There is such a thing called overtraining. This marathon training tip tells you to listen to your body and learn to taper off. Tapering means your last long run should be two weeks before the race so that your muscles can recover in time for the race. This is the opportunity for the body to recover, relax and be ready for the race.

Sticking to a proper diet is an important marathon training tip that runners share to beginners. Their marathon training tip on diet is simplified by taking massive amounts of carbohydrates, complimenting it with protein, some fiber for the digestive system, intake of lot of fluids to replace the ones lost and avoiding unfamiliar foods that would upset the stomach. Snacks for marathon training consist of sunflower seeds, nutrition bars and bananas.

Last but not the least, the most important marathon training tip is to build your mental toughness. Once the brain can visualize the goal, the body will surely follow. An established marathon participant shares a marathon training tip wherein to remember the good times during the early part of the race. Think about family, friends, and the fun and best of times with them. This would lighten the load and would help you establish a pace in reaching your goal.

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