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Selecting an Appropriate Training Program

Before you decide to join a marathon, you should avail yourself of a marathon training program that could cater to both beginners up to advance marathon runner. Make sure that the marathon-training program that you would be using has yielded positive results by consulting and asking other runners. You can ask from other runners or you can go to the Internet and select from the different marathon training programs available.

Before selecting among the existing marathon training programs available, make sure to find the ones that have a structured regimen. It must have the usual build-up phase, the taper off phase, and a recovery period after the race itself. Each phase has a specific purpose and should not be taken for granted. Any deviation or lack of focus on each phase may not prepare you the proper way for the race.

The build up phase is true to its name, building up endurance and stamina gradually. There shouldn’t be any dramatic increase in the distance but rather a moderate 10% of the initial long distance run will do. Dramatic increase of distance will not give the body ample time to adjust hence you would be prone to injuries. This is the part where the structured flow of your marathon-training program is very essential. On weekdays, there is a schedule where you run for only short distances and on weekends, there is a day where you would have long distance running. This is where you build your endurance and fitness form. The body recovers from the long distance running of the weekends while it is running on the short distance on weekdays. The short sessions in the marathon-training program helps you to be loose and supple.

When the build-up phase of the marathon training program reaches its end, the tapering off phase comes next. A month before the race is when the taper off starts.  This is the period where the body now recovers from the punishment extolled by the build-up phase. This phase requires you to decrease your weekly mileage by 25 percent. As the final week dawns on you, you should be running only few and short distances. The muscles should be loose and flexible and by the time race day comes, you at your peak condition.

Be sure to abide by the marathon training program’s recovery phase after you finish running the marathon.  Marathon training programs allot a recovery phase for the body to relax and replenish for the next training you plan to undergo. In every marathon-training program, its success can be measured through the dedication of the runner to it from beginning to end.

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