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Prepare Wisely in Running Half Marathon

A lot of fitness enthusiasts would love to participate in running half marathon. Typically, among those who want to participate in running half marathons are beginners since they are eager to test their skills. Thus, it is very crucial for beginners running half marathon to plan weeks ahead before the event. According to runnersworld, a runner who has been running for almost a year can be classified as beginner. In addition to that, beginners can run without distress for 5 miles or less and have accomplished a 10k according to runnersworld. Thus, when you join running half marathon it is a long shot goal since adequate preparations must be made way ahead. Nonetheless, there is a better way in improving one’s stamina so a beginner can succeed in running half marathon. Read the guidelines to assist you in preparing for a half marathon:

Incrementally increase your mileage and long run. A nine-week training program is the most basic step in efficiently finishing a half-marathon.This is very fundamental since increasing your weekly mileage can help build endurance. Remember that you have to endure running for two hours. Another thing is that you must increase the pace of your run since running half marathon is a timed event.

Besides, you have to manage well the last part of the race so incremental increase in training can be done by building extra speed and stamina. Some professional runners even suggest uphill running once a week to increase your resistance. After two months practice, a beginner at last hit the double digit run – 10 miles.

There are also other things that you have to consider on the day itself in running a half marathon. On the event itself, it is better to start at the back of the group. Avoid running fast at the start or else you get exhausted easily. Keep a steady but fast pace and rest in between stops by drinking fluids and stretching for 30 seconds. The crucial part is being able to endure the last three miles which can be exhausting after almost two hours. Truly, running half marathon can be accomplished even by beginners as long as they prepare well.

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