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Preparation for a Half Marathon Training

Half marathons are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. Each and everyone have their own motives and their own reasons why they take the time to join half marathon races. Perhaps some want to rise to another level after running in 5 km and 10 km competition. Others may undergo half marathon training to experience first half the distance because they have their sights on competing for the full marathon.

Half marathon training can be intimidating especially for beginners. Beginners should not worry as long as they are in perfect health condition. Half marathon training assumes that the runner can distance of 3 miles for three to four times a week. If the distance or the frequency of the training is daunting for the runner, he or she should consider shortening his or her goals first until the endurance base is well developed.

While undergoing half marathon training, the runner should be able to set a comfortable pace. If the runner is training with a partner, they must be able to hold a decent conversation while running. If any of them has a hard time talking, then one or both of them are running too fast.

The distances that a runner should cover would be dictated by the half marathon-training schedule. It is between three to ten miles. It’s no big deal if the runner does not achieve the precise distance, but at least he is inside the line of the target. The runner should pick some routes to avoid monotony and he or she can also ask for suggestion among other runners as to where are measured courses located.

Half marathon training emphasizes the importance of rest. With the right amount of rest and relaxation, the runner can go to full throttle during the long distance weekend runs.

The “long run” is the key to finishing a half marathon. During half marathon training, a runner should increase his or her distance each week so he or she can track his or her progress. As the end of the half marathon training comes close, the runner should have accomplished of increasing his or her long run distance from 3 miles to 10 miles.

Finally, don’t overlook the value of walking during half marathon training. After all, finishing the race on one’s two feet is what matters, whether one is running or walking.

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