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Marathon Training Calendar: Running and Resting

If you have plans to run a marathon, then prepare for months and months of grueling training. For a beginner, the usual training period for a marathon takes a minimum of 24 to 26 weeks before race day. When you have entered a marathon, you should start a marathon training calendar by marking the days and weeks backward until you reach six months. This would be the first serious training day on your marathon-training calendar.

Due to the duration of training for a marathon, you have to alter your lifestyle. Each day, you mark what needs to be done because every day there seems to be a different activity and training session. The typical marathon training calendar would consist of a training regimen wherein there would be short runs, different training sessions on weekdays, and one long run on the weekend. This routine would be monotonous for the next three months. The only modification in the monthly training calendar would be the 10 percent increase on the distances to be run on specific days of the training session.

The typical marathon training calendar would have the beginner run 2 to 3 short miles on alternating days. The other days are recovery and rest periods to let the body relax and recuperate. On the second week of your marathon-training calendar, you would begin your first long run on a weekend. Long runs are completing distant running prescribed by your marathon-training regimen. The goal of the long run is for you to cover the distance that is required and not how quickly you can finish it. You can incorporate walking here on the initial stages of training and gradually decrease it as time goes on.

You can also notice in your marathon training calendar that other types of training sessions are incorporated in your training regimen so as to avoid monotony. There are rest and recovery periods that the body should periodically undergo. This does not mean that you would lie around the whole day but rather you should incorporate some aerobic exercises that are low intensity on these days. The marathon-training calendar would mark the increasing mileage that you need to run until the 5th month. On the fifth month, there would be a decrease in the distance that you run and there would more recovery periods. This is the tapering off period that would allow the body to recover, be loose and performs at peak condition during race day.

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