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Following Marathon Training Plans

The marathon is the Holy Grail for all beginner runners and they can begin their quest by developing the right marathon training plan for them. Runners, whether advanced and intermediate should also adhere to a marathon training plan. Their level of physical fitness should be taken into account by the marathon-training plan they would follow for the race.

Marathon training plans vary but they all agree that there should be 5 days of short distance running and one long run during the weekends.  There are one to two days of rest day to allow your body to recover and recuperate. These rest days are very important because they take away the monotony of training and prevent the body from incurring injuries. Overtraining not only causes injuries, it also discourages you to keep on going. There are a lot of enthusiastic beginners that start with gusto only to quit after the first two weeks. Only the brave survive while the rest quit after trying their marathon training plan and finding out how difficult it is to be committed to it.

The taper period of marathon training plans make sure that you won’t over train and would allow your body to recognize the changes after going through weeks of training. Tapering off means reducing the distance of your training, around two to three weeks before the actual race. Tapering off allows you to be in peak condition on the day of the race because it has allowed the body to recover and recuperate, replenish the lost nutrients, minerals and fluids lost during training.

When abiding by the marathon-training plan, you should have completed 8 to 12 long training sessions preceding 3 to 6 months of training. At around the tail end of your training, you must at least run the whole distance of the marathon in one of your training sessions. When going to your final long session, do not run the marathon before the actual marathon, just run at the most half of the distance of the race. Marathon training plans agree that there should be a significant decrease in the training distance during the taper period. By the time the final week before the marathon rolls in, the distance is significantly low to allow the body to recover and replenish.

In closing, the marathon training plan is the Holy Bible of your training regimen; it should be followed and should always be in your heart and mind. Marathon training plans help in the build up of endurance, around 10% increase distance each week. Over all, the ideal trainer that can help you achieve your marathon training plans is nobody but yourself. You are the best listener as to what your body is saying so better heed its orders.

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