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First Marathon Training: Initiation to a Runner’s Dream

The goal of objective of finishing a marathon race is always on the mind of every runner whether he or she is a beginner, an intermediate or an advance runner. The thought of crossing the finish line after going the crucible of 26.2 miles, putting the mind and the body into extreme pressure is something worthy to dream about. A marathon requires a lot of dedication, discipline and sacrifice. You should ease your apprehensions and worry when undergoing your first marathon training by reading the following tips.

Before undergoing your first marathon training it is advisable to look for a training partner or join a training group. They have an important role to play because they will be your support group all throughout your first marathon training. They would be there to make sure that you focus on your diet, training regimen and encourage you when you think that you made a mistake in believing you can finish a marathon. Statistics show that only 2% first time runners survive the purge of pushing through with their first marathon training because they lose focus and motivation.

While starting on your first marathon training, your partner and you should establish your fitness base. Both of you should agree on a schedule where you should run 3 to 5 miles a day on weekdays and double that distance on one weekend. The first 3 to 4 months is where you build up your endurance and stamina by adding mileage to your runs, an average increase of 10 percent per week. During this period, you should have at least run 3 and a maximum of 6 long runs with distances of 18 to 20 miles. This is the time where the body builds your endurance base and your stamina.

Once you reached the fifth month of your first marathon training, your partner and you should start slowing down because you have entered the tapering off phase. This means that there should be a 25 percent decrease in your running distance because this is the time the body should recover, recuperate and replenish all the lost nutrients and minerals. This period is set for your recovery, recuperation resulting in a loose and supple feeling come race day.

Your first marathon training also involves exercising your mental fortitude. Visualize your goal and you achieving it. Stay away from negative aura by keeping focus and thinking of positive affirmations.  Your first marathon training is the initial process of taking you to the finish line; inspiration will be the one making you cross it.

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