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Do it Yourself Fundraising for Marathons

Every year,millions of individuals try their luck in no less than 500 marathon events worldwide. In most cases, the participants are atheletes who want to improve their personal record and be famous. However, some marathons are held only to raise funds for a charitable cause. Such marathon events are referred to as charity marathon. One of the most internationally recognized charity marathons is the London Marathon which started since 1981. For 2011, its next recipient is Oxfam. Nevertheless, it is also a real marathon event where it runs over 26 miles and 385 yards.

Similarly, one can also participate in charity marathons dedicated for a certain advocacy. Whether the focus is directed towards raising awareness for animal cruelty or a certain disease, the following advise can help you raise funds for a charity marathon:

Find a training program in your locality. There are some large health organizations that have annual charity marathons which you can participate in. After selecting one, join the training session as soon as possible. Try to familiarize yourself with the fundraising as well as the training sessions. Always attend the training sessions.

Send fundraising letters to all people that you know. There is a noble reason why you are enlisting a charity marathon so make sure you tell all your friends, relatives, co-workers, loved ones and even neighbors. You never know who would be sympathizing with your cause after all.Use the internet and blog about your story. Illustrate the story behind the charity marathons you join.

Choose the right equipment. It is very necessary that you have the right shoes for your training. Solicit advice in shoe stores in figuring out the right running shoes for you. The shoes must be sturdy for a long run yet comfortable so you would have an enjoyable run. Look also for the right socks as well as clothing that can absorb sweat fast.

Manage all the funds. Be appreciative of people that send you funds and update them so you earn their trust.

The next time, raising money for whatever charity marathons that you join would be easier once people know you are serious.

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